Commit f5fabb95 authored by sean.melissari's avatar sean.melissari

Merge branch 'renovate/node-12.x' into 'development'

Update node Docker tag to v12.18.1

See merge request !7
parents abf3c755 e54c3142
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ ARG BASE_REGISTRY=nexus-docker-secure.levelup-dev.io
FROM node:12.17.0 as base
FROM node:12.18.1 as base
  • Pipeline Status: ABORTED
    ABORTED Stage: Stage Artifacts
    Branch: development

    graph LR
      0([setup]):::INTERNAL_SUCCESS --> 1([Import Artifacts]):::SUCCESS --> 2((/)):::INTERNAL_SUCCESS --> 3([Stage Artifacts]):::ABORTED --> 4((/)):::INTERNAL_NOT_BUILT --> 5([Build]):::NOT_BUILT --> 6([Publish, Scan & Report]):::INTERNAL_NOT_BUILT
    classDef SUCCESS font-size:10px
    classDef FAILURE fill:#f44, font-size:10px
    classDef SKIPPED font-size:10px
    classDef ABORTED fill:#889, font-size:10px
    classDef INTERNAL_SUCCESS font-size:10px, stroke-dasharray: 2, 1
    classDef INTERNAL_FAILURE fill:#f44, font-size:10px, stroke-dasharray: 2, 1
    classDef INTERNAL_SKIPPED font-size:10px, stroke-dasharray: 2, 1
    classDef INTERNAL_ABORTED fill:#889, font-size:10px, stroke-dasharray: 2, 1
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