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Minio Operator and Minio Instance Upgrade to V4.1.2

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This MR upgrades the Minio Operator and Minio Instance deployments to version 4.1.2

  • Upgraded Minio Operator to version 4.1.2
  • Upgraded Minio Operator Helm Chart to version 4.1.2
  • Added NetworkPolicy objects to control/limit network access for Minio Operator
  • Added infrastructure to support a phases upgrade from version 2.0.9 to version 4.1.2
  • NOTE/IMPORTANT: an backup restore of data is required to upgrade from 2.0.9 to 4.1.2
  • Added infrastructre and use of new "tenant v2" CRD as handled by the Minio Operator 4.1.2
  • 4.1.2 Tenants are deployed when the current IB Minio Image: RELEASE.2021-06-17T00-10-46Z
  • Updated documentation for Minio Operator and Minio Instance
  • Refactored secrets to streamline their generation
  • Enabled Minio Operator 4.1.2 to create services for tenant deployment
  • Added documentation on use of Storage Classes for Minio.

Closes https://repo1.dso.mil/platform-one/big-bang/bigbang/-/issues/593 https://repo1.dso.mil/platform-one/big-bang/bigbang/-/issues/570 https://repo1.dso.mil/platform-one/big-bang/bigbang/-/issues/425 https://repo1.dso.mil/platform-one/big-bang/bigbang/-/issues/447

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