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Resolve "Create Pipeline for building Atlantis image"

Jared Ladner requested to merge 156-docker-image-build-round2 into master

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Changes requested:

  1. Multiple Creds for same Registry URL: we have 2 different credentials for registry1.dso.mil/bigbang-staging vs registry1dso.mil/bigbang-ci. Since crane cannot support 2 different creds for the same registry URL, we need to:
  • set creds
  • crane pull
  • set creds
  • crane push
  1. Convert docker.yaml to be used with extends. For Pipeline Templates CI/CD, we have 2, and more in future, containers to build in the same pipeline.
  2. DOCKER_TAG may not always match Git Tag as the pipeline will be tagged with 2 different containers each with there own version.
  3. I had to use our BB Kaniko (registry1.dso.mil/bigbang-ci/kaniko-project/executor:v1.9.0-debug) image as I had permission issues with IB version
  4. Kaniko does not have docker binary to be used for login so changed it to use echo to output the authorization for the registry.


Resolves https://repo1.dso.mil/big-bang/pipeline-templates/pipeline-templates/-/issues/156

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