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Draft: Resolve "Docker Builds are not able to provide a tag version"

General MR

Issue: changes to a docker file could not specify a new version/tag

Cause: the version/tag was defined in the master branch of the pipeline-templates.


  • Use a Manifest file (similar to IB approach) to gather tag versions and other info to be used when building the image.
  • Other changes to trivy scanning:
    • use of an ignore file
    • do not use ignore file on full reports
    • copy reports as artifacts
  • Fixed Build Args being passed --build-arg $VAR=value is incorrect. The correct syntax is --build-arg=$VAR=value
  • Security Vulns were reduced for bb-ci, terraform and cypress but some still remain.

Relevant logs/screenshots

Working pipeline for only 1 image:

Linked Issue

Closes #372

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