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Anchore Enterprise by default

Bulat Khamitov requested to merge enterprise-only into main

General MR


  • Deprecate Anchore Engine support
  • Enable Anchore Enterprise by default

Linked Issue

Relates https://repo1.dso.mil/big-bang/product/packages/anchore-enterprise/-/issues/121

Relates https://repo1.dso.mil/big-bang/product/packages/anchore-enterprise/-/issues/130

Upgrade Notices

feeds deployment and setting moved under feeds: key.

anchore-feeds-db key is now feeds.feeds-db

anchore-geeds-gem-db key is now feeds.gem-db

Resource names updated with a release name/prefix of anchore-anchore-engine(-enterprise) to anchore-anchore-enterprise. PVCs and extra resources referencing these will need to be updated.

anchoreEnterpriseGlobal has been removed as enterprise deployments is the new default. The BigBang mapping of addons.anchore.enterprise.licenseYaml is still available for use. enterpriseLicenseYaml is the direct value for injecting your license file into the package. Or it can still be pointed to an existing secret eg licenseSecretName.

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