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Adding sidecar, serviceEntry to whitelist egress

Chris Harden requested to merge registry-only-sidecar-kyverno-reporter into main

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This MR adds an istio Sidecar resource to the Kyverno-reporter namespace to deny any egress traffic that is external to the istio service registry. Also adds the .Values.istio.registryOnly value to toggle this feature on and off. This behavior is disabled by default.

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A Sidecar resource has been added to the Kyverno namespace that disallows egress to endpoints that are not part of the Istio service registry (a.k.a REGISTRY_ONLY). This provides a redundant layer of network security in addition to NetworkPolicies. This Sidecar is disabled by default by can be enabled by setting istio.registryOnly: true.

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Closes #37 (closed)

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