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Draft: SKIP UPDATE CHECK Update Ironbank

bigbang bot requested to merge renovate/ironbank into main

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
registry1.dso.mil/ironbank/opensource/kubernetes/kube-state-metrics minor v2.9.2 -> v2.10.0
registry1.dso.mil/ironbank/opensource/kubernetes/kubectl minor 1.27.5 -> v1.28.2
registry1.dso.mil/ironbank/opensource/prometheus-operator/prometheus-config-reloader minor v0.67.1 -> v0.68.0
registry1.dso.mil/ironbank/opensource/prometheus-operator/prometheus-operator minor v0.67.1 -> v0.68.0
registry1.dso.mil/ironbank/opensource/prometheus/prometheus minor v2.46.0 -> v2.47.0
registry1.dso.mil/ironbank/opensource/thanos/thanos patch v0.32.1 -> v0.32.3


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