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Mitigate automountServiceAccountToken findings

Justen Mehl requested to merge harden-automounting into main

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Relates to https://repo1.dso.mil/big-bang/product/packages/policy/-/issues/191

This MR includes template modifications to disable API token auto-mounting for the gatekeeper-admin ServiceAccount.

This essentially means that Pods leveraging the gatekeeper-admin ServiceAccount, by default, will not have access to their Kubernetes API token (previously mounted at /var/run/secrets/kubernetes.io/serviceaccount/token).

Since this package deals with the Kubernetes API heavily - all Gatekeeper Pods override this behavior at the Pod spec-level (example here ). As such, a Kyverno policy exception will be made for said Pods.

This "overriding" pattern is repeated for several post/pre install/upgrade Jobs (i.e., gatekeeper-update-crds-hook), as they require access to the K8s API as well.

Testing has shown no loss of functionality - but if the codeowners are aware of any potential breakage, please let me know!

This is in support of epic &146.


This MR also flips bbtests.enabled: false, since I noticed test resources in my personal deployments and I believe that is unintended (?).

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