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Update dependency apache-airflow to v2.8.4

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
apache-airflow (changelog) patch 2.8.1 -> 2.8.4
apache-airflow (changelog) patch ==2.8.1 -> ==2.8.4


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Release Notes

apache/airflow (apache-airflow)


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Significant Changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

No significant changes.

Bug Fixes """""""""

  • Fix incorrect serialization of FixedTimezone (#​38139)
  • Fix excessive permission changing for log task handler (#​38164)
  • Fix task instances list link (#​38096)
  • Fix a bug where scheduler heartrate parameter was not used (#​37992)
  • Add padding to prevent grid horizontal scroll overlapping tasks (#​37942)
  • Fix hash caching in ObjectStoragePath (#​37769)

Miscellaneous """""""""""""

  • Limit importlib_resources as it breaks pytest_rewrites (#​38095, #​38139)
  • Limit pandas to <2.2 (#​37748)
  • Bump croniter to fix an issue with 29 Feb cron expressions (#​38198)

Doc Only Changes """"""""""""""""

  • Tell users what to do if their scanners find issues in the image (#​37652)
  • Add a section about debugging in Docker Compose with PyCharm (#​37940)
  • Update deferrable docs to clarify kwargs when trigger resumes operator (#​38122)


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Significant Changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The smtp provider is now pre-installed when you install Airflow. (#​37713) """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

Bug Fixes """""""""

  • Add "MENU" permission in auth manager (#​37881)
  • Fix external_executor_id being overwritten (#​37784)
  • Make more MappedOperator members modifiable (#​37828)
  • Set parsing context dag_id in dag test command (#​37606)

Miscellaneous """""""""""""

  • Remove useless methods from security manager (#​37889)
  • Improve code coverage for TriggerRuleDep (#​37680)
  • The SMTP provider is now preinstalled when installing Airflow (#​37713)
  • Bump min versions of openapi validators (#​37691)
  • Properly include airflow_pre_installed_providers.txt artifact (#​37679)

Doc Only Changes """"""""""""""""

  • Clarify lack of sync between workers and scheduler (#​37913)
  • Simplify some docs around airflow_local_settings (#​37835)
  • Add section about local settings configuration (#​37829)
  • Fix docs of BranchDayOfWeekOperator (#​37813)
  • Write to secrets store is not supported by design (#​37814)
  • ERD generating doc improvement (#​37808)
  • Update incorrect config value (#​37706)
  • Update security model to clarify Connection Editing user's capabilities (#​37688)
  • Fix ImportError on examples dags (#​37571)


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Significant Changes ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The allowed_deserialization_classes flag now follows a glob pattern (#​36147). """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

For example if one wants to add the class airflow.tests.custom_class to the allowed_deserialization_classes list, it can be done by writing the full class name (airflow.tests.custom_class) or a pattern such as the ones used in glob search (e.g., airflow.*, airflow.tests.*).

If you currently use a custom regexp path make sure to rewrite it as a glob pattern.

Alternatively, if you still wish to match it as a regexp pattern, add it under the new list allowed_deserialization_classes_regexp instead.

The audit_logs permissions have been updated for heightened security (#​37501). """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

This was done under the policy that we do not want users like Viewer, Ops, and other users apart from Admin to have access to audit_logs. The intention behind this change is to restrict users with less permissions from viewing user details like First Name, Email etc. from the audit_logs when they are not permitted to.

The impact of this change is that the existing users with non admin rights won't be able to view or access the audit_logs, both from the Browse tab or from the DAG run.

AirflowTimeoutError is no longer except by default through Exception (#​35653). """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

The AirflowTimeoutError is now inheriting BaseException instead of AirflowException->Exception. See https://docs.python.org/3/library/exceptions.html#exception-hierarchy

This prevents code catching Exception from accidentally catching AirflowTimeoutError and continuing to run. AirflowTimeoutError is an explicit intent to cancel the task, and should not be caught in attempts to handle the error and return some default value.

Catching AirflowTimeoutError is still possible by explicitly excepting AirflowTimeoutError or BaseException. This is discouraged, as it may allow the code to continue running even after such cancellation requests. Code that previously depended on performing strict cleanup in every situation after catching Exception is advised to use finally blocks or context managers. To perform only the cleanup and then automatically re-raise the exception. See similar considerations about catching KeyboardInterrupt in https://docs.python.org/3/library/exceptions.html#KeyboardInterrupt

Bug Fixes """""""""

  • Sort dag processing stats by last_runtime (#​37302)
  • Allow pre-population of trigger form values via URL parameters (#​37497)
  • Base date for fetching dag grid view must include selected run_id (#​34887)
  • Check permissions for ImportError (#​37468)
  • Move IMPORT_ERROR from DAG related permissions to view related permissions (#​37292)
  • Change AirflowTaskTimeout to inherit BaseException (#​35653)
  • Revert "Fix future DagRun rarely triggered by race conditions when max_active_runs reached its upper limit. (#​31414)" (#​37596)
  • Change margin to padding so first task can be selected (#​37527)
  • Fix Airflow serialization for namedtuple (#​37168)
  • Fix bug with clicking url-unsafe tags (#​37395)
  • Set deterministic and new getter for Treeview function (#​37162)
  • Fix permissions of parent folders for log file handler (#​37310)
  • Fix permission check on DAGs when access_entity is specified (#​37290)
  • Fix the value of dateTimeAttrFormat constant (#​37285)
  • Resolve handler close race condition at triggerer shutdown (#​37206)
  • Fixing status icon alignment for various views (#​36804)
  • Remove superfluous @Sentry.enrich_errors (#​37002)
  • Use execution_date= param as a backup to base date for grid view (#​37018)
  • Handle SystemExit raised in the task. (#​36986)
  • Revoking audit_log permission from all users except admin (#​37501)
  • Fix broken regex for allowed_deserialization_classes (#​36147)
  • Fix the bug that affected the DAG end date. (#​36144)
  • Adjust node width based on task name length (#​37254)
  • fix: PythonVirtualenvOperator crashes if any python_callable function is defined in the same source as DAG (#​37165)
  • Fix collapsed grid width, line up selected bar with gantt (#​37205)
  • Adjust graph node layout (#​37207)
  • Revert the sequence of initializing configuration defaults (#​37155)
  • Displaying "actual" try number in TaskInstance view (#​34635)
  • Bugfix Triggering DAG with parameters is mandatory when show_trigger_form_if_no_params is enabled (#​37063)
  • Secret masker ignores passwords with special chars (#​36692)
  • Fix DagRuns with UPSTREAM_FAILED tasks get stuck in the backfill. (#​36954)
  • Disable dryrun auto-fetch (#​36941)
  • Fix copy button on a DAG run's config (#​36855)
  • Fix bug introduced by replacing spaces by + in run_id (#​36877)
  • Fix webserver always redirecting to home page if user was not logged in (#​36833)
  • REST API set description on POST to /variables endpoint (#​36820)
  • Sanitize the conn_id to disallow potential script execution (#​32867)
  • Fix task id copy button copying wrong id (#​34904)
  • Fix security manager inheritance in fab provider (#​36538)
  • Avoid pendulum.from_timestamp usage (#​37160)

Miscellaneous """""""""""""

  • Install latest docker CLI instead of specific one (#​37651)
  • Bump undici from 5.26.3 to 5.28.3 in /airflow/www (#​37493)
  • Add Python 3.12 exclusions in providers/pyproject.toml (#​37404)
  • Remove markdown from core dependencies (#​37396)
  • Remove unused pageSize method. (#​37319)
  • Add more-itertools as dependency of common-sql (#​37359)
  • Replace other Python 3.11 and 3.12 deprecations (#​37478)
  • Include airflow_pre_installed_providers.txt into sdist distribution (#​37388)
  • Turn Pydantic into an optional dependency (#​37320)
  • Limit universal-pathlib to < 0.2.0 (#​37311)
  • Allow running airflow against sqlite in-memory DB for tests (#​37144)
  • Add description to queue_when (#​36997)
  • Updated config.yml for environment variable sql_alchemy_connect_args (#​36526)
  • Bump min version of Alembic to 1.13.1 (#​36928)
  • Limit flask-session to <0.6 (#​36895)

Doc Only Changes """"""""""""""""

  • Fix upgrade docs to reflect true CLI flags available (#​37231)
  • Fix a bug in fundamentals doc (#​37440)
  • Add redirect for deprecated page (#​37384)
  • Fix the otel config descriptions (#​37229)
  • Update Objectstore tutorial with prereqs section (#​36983)
  • Add more precise description on avoiding generic package/module names (#​36927)
  • Add airflow version substitution into Docker Compose Howto (#​37177)
  • Add clarification about DAG author capabilities to security model (#​37141)
  • Move docs for cron basics to Authoring and Scheduling section (#​37049)
  • Link to release notes in the upgrade docs (#​36923)
  • Prevent templated field logic checks in __init__ of operators automatically (#​33786)


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