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Update aquasec/trivy Docker tag to v0.50.1

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
aquasec/trivy patch 0.50.0 -> 0.50.1
aquasec/trivy ironbank-docker patch 0.50.0 -> 0.50.1
aquasec/trivy stage patch 0.50.0 -> 0.50.1

Release Notes

aquasecurity/trivy (aquasec/trivy)


Compare Source

  • 5f69937 fix(sbom): fix error when parent of SPDX Relationships is not a package. (#​6399)
  • 258d153 fix(nodejs): merge Indirect, Dev, ExternalReferences fields for same deps from package-lock.json files v2 or later (#​6356)
  • ade033a docs: add info about support for package license detection in fs/repo modes (#​6381)
  • f85c9fa fix(nodejs): add support for parsing workspaces from package.json as an object (#​6231)
  • 9d7f5c9 fix: use 0600 perms for tmp files for post analyzers (#​6386)
  • f148eb1 fix(helm): scan the subcharts once (#​6382)
  • 97f95c4 docs(terraform): add file patterns for Terraform Plan (#​6393)
  • abd62ae fix(terraform): сhecking SSE encryption algorithm validity (#​6341)
  • 7c409fd fix(java): parse modules from pom.xml files once (#​6312)
  • 1b68327 chore(deps): bump github.com/docker/docker from 25.0.3+incompatible to 25.0.5+incompatible (#​6364)
  • a2482c1 fix(server): add Locations for Packages in client/server mode (#​6366)
  • e866bd5 fix(sbom): add check for CreationInfo to nil when detecting SPDX created using Trivy (#​6346)
  • 1870f28 fix(report): don't include empty strings in .vulnerabilities[].identifiers[].url when gitlab.tpl is used (#​6348)
  • 6c81e55 chore(ubuntu): Add Ubuntu 22.04 EOL date (#​6371)


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