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Update dependency aquasec/trivy to v0.28.1

renovate requested to merge renovate/aquasec-trivy-0.x into development

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
aquasec/trivy ironbank-docker patch 0.28.0 -> 0.28.1
aquasec/trivy patch 0.28.0 -> 0.28.1
aquasec/trivy stage patch 0.28.0 -> 0.28.1

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Compare Source

  • f192431 docs(vuln): Include GitLab 15.0 integration (#​2153)
  • 4c6a866 docs: fix the operator version (#​2167)
  • 3ecc65d fix(k8s): summary report when when only vulns exit (#​2146)
  • 6b95d38 chore(deps): Update fanal to get defsec v0.58.2 (fixes false positives in ksv038) (#​2156)
  • f6cfcaf perf(misconf): Improve performance when scanning very large files (#​2152)
  • 4b4a0c9 docs(misconf): Update examples and docs to refer to builtin/defsec instead of appshield (#​2150)
  • 6d79fca chore(deps): Update fanal (for less verbose code in misconf results) (#​2151)
  • f8951f3 docs: fixed installation instruction for rhel/centos (#​2143)


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