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Update dependency aquasec/trivy to v0.30.3

renovate requested to merge renovate/aquasec-trivy-0.x into development

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
aquasec/trivy ironbank-docker patch 0.30.2 -> 0.30.3
aquasec/trivy patch 0.30.2 -> 0.30.3
aquasec/trivy stage patch 0.30.2 -> 0.30.3

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Compare Source

  • fa8a8ba fix(server): use a new db worker for hot updates (#​2581)
  • 769ed55 docs: add trivy with download-db-only flag to Air-Gapped Environment (#​2583)
  • 5f9a963 docs: split commands to download db for different versions of oras (#​2582)
  • d93a997 feat(report): export exitcode for license checks (#​2564)
  • f9be138 fix: cli can use lowercase for severities (#​2565)
  • c7f0bc9 fix: allow subcommands with TRIVY_RUN_AS_PLUGIN (#​2577)
  • c2f3731 fix: add missing types in TypeOSes and TypeLanguages in analyzer (#​2569)
  • 7b4f2dc fix: enable some features of the wasm runtime (#​2575)
  • 8467790 fix(k8s): no error logged if trivy can't get docker image in kubernetes mode (#​2521)
  • e1e02d7 docs(sbom): improve sbom attestation documentation (#​2566)


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