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Update dependency aquasec/trivy to v0.32.1

renovate requested to merge renovate/aquasec-trivy-0.x into development

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
aquasec/trivy ironbank-docker patch 0.32.0 -> 0.32.1
aquasec/trivy patch 0.32.0 -> 0.32.1
aquasec/trivy stage patch 0.32.0 -> 0.32.1

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Compare Source

  • 8b1cee8 fix(java): use fields of dependency from dependencyManagement from upper pom.xml to parse deps (#​2943)
  • f5cbbb3 chore: expat lib and go binary deps vulns (#​2940)
  • 6882bdf wasm: Removes accidentally exported memory (#​2950)
  • 6ea9a61 fix(sbom): fix package name separation for gradle (#​2906)
  • 3ee4c96 docs(readme.md): fix broken integrations link (#​2931)
  • 5745961 fix(image): handle images with single layer in rescan mergedLayers cache (#​2927)
  • e01253d fix(cli): split env values with ',' for slice flags (#​2926)
  • 0c1a42d fix(cli): config/helm: also take into account files with .yml (#​2928)
  • 237b8dc fix(flag): add file-patterns flag for config subcommand (#​2925)
  • 047a0b3 chore(deps): bump github.com/open-policy-agent/opa from 0.43.0 to 0.43.1 (#​2902)


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