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Update dependency Cerberus to v1.3.4

renovate requested to merge renovate/cerberus-1.x into development

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
Cerberus (source) ironbank-pypi patch 1.3.2 -> 1.3.4

Release Notes



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Released on May 5, 2021.


- Reverts the unsatisfying fix for `#557`_,
- instead a ``RuntimeError`` is thrown when Python is running with optimization
  level 2 (`#567`_)

.. _`#567`: https://github.com/pyeve/cerberus/issues/567


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Released on April 11, 2021.


- Adds a benchmark to observe overall performance between code changes (`#531`_)
- Adds support for Python 3.9
- The Continuous Integration now runs on GitHub Actions

  • Fixed unresolved registry references when getting a constraint for an error (#562_)
  • Fixed crash when submitting non-hashable values to allowed (#524_)
  • Fixed schema validation for rules specifications with space (#527_)
  • Replaced deprecated rule name validator with check_with in the docs (#527_)
  • Use the UnconcernedValidator when the Python interpreter is executed with an optimization flag (#557_)
  • Several fixes and refinements of the docs

.. _#524: https://github.com/pyeve/cerberus/issues/524 .. _#527: https://github.com/pyeve/cerberus/issues/527 .. _#531: https://github.com/pyeve/cerberus/issues/531 .. _#557: https://github.com/pyeve/cerberus/issues/557 .. _#562: https://github.com/pyeve/cerberus/issues/562


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