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Update dependency Sphinx to v4.5.0

renovate requested to merge renovate/sphinx-4.x into development

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
Sphinx (source) ironbank-pypi minor 4.3.2 -> 4.5.0

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Incompatible changes

  • #​10112: extlinks: Disable hardcoded links detector by default
  • #​9993, #​10177: std domain: Disallow to refer an inline target via :rst:role:ref role


  • sphinx.ext.napoleon.docstring.GoogleDocstring._qualify_name()

Features added

  • #​10260: Enable FORCE_COLOR and NO_COLOR for terminal colouring
  • #​10234: autosummary: Add "autosummary" CSS class to summary tables
  • #​10125: extlinks: Improve suggestion message for a reference having title
  • #​10112: extlinks: Add :confval:extlinks_detect_hardcoded_links to enable hardcoded links detector feature
  • #​9494, #​9456: html search: Add a config variable :confval:html_show_search_summary to enable/disable the search summaries
  • #​9337: HTML theme, add option enable_search_shortcuts that enables :kbd:'/' as a Quick search shortcut and :kbd:Esc shortcut that removes search highlighting.
  • #​10107: i18n: Allow to suppress translation warnings by adding #noqa comment to the tail of each translation message
  • #​10252: C++, support attributes on classes, unions, and enums.
  • #​10253: :rst:dir:pep role now generates URLs based on peps.python.org

Bugs fixed

  • #​9876: autodoc: Failed to document an imported class that is built from native binary module
  • #​10133: autodoc: Crashed when mocked module is used for type annotation
  • #​10146: autodoc: :confval:autodoc_default_options does not support no-value option
  • #​9971: autodoc: TypeError is raised when the target object is annotated by unhashable object
  • #​10205: extlinks: Failed to compile regexp on checking hardcoded links
  • #​10277: html search: Could not search short words (ex. "use")
  • #​9529: LaTeX: named auto numbered footnote (ex. [#named]) that is referred multiple times was rendered to a question mark
  • #​9924: LaTeX: multi-line :rst:dir:cpp:function directive has big vertical spacing in Latexpdf
  • #​10158: LaTeX: excessive whitespace since v4.4.0 for undocumented variables/structure members
  • #​10175: LaTeX: named footnote reference is linked to an incorrect footnote if the name is also used in the different document
  • #​10269: manpage: Failed to resolve the title of :ref: cross references
  • #​10179: i18n: suppress "rST localization" warning
  • #​10118: imgconverter: Unnecessary availablity check is called for remote URIs
  • #​10181: napoleon: attributes are displayed like class attributes for google style docstrings when :confval:napoleon_use_ivar is enabled
  • #​10122: sphinx-build: make.bat does not check the installation of sphinx-build command before showing help


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Features added

  • #​9075: autodoc: Add a config variable :confval:autodoc_typehints_format to suppress the leading module names of typehints of function signatures (ex. io.StringIO -> StringIO)
  • #​9831: Autosummary now documents only the members specified in a module's __all__ attribute if :confval:autosummary_ignore_module_all is set to False. The default behaviour is unchanged. Autogen also now supports this behavior with the --respect-module-all switch.
  • #​9555: autosummary: Improve error messages on failure to load target object
  • #​9800: extlinks: Emit warning if a hardcoded link is replaceable by an extlink, suggesting a replacement.
  • #​9961: html: Support nested HTML elements in other HTML builders
  • #​10013: html: Allow to change the loading method of JS via loading_method parameter for :meth:Sphinx.add_js_file()
  • #​9551: html search: "Hide Search Matches" link removes "highlight" parameter from URL
  • #​9815: html theme: Wrap sidebar components in div to allow customizing their layout via CSS
  • #​9827: i18n: Sort items in glossary by translated terms
  • #​9899: py domain: Allows to specify cross-reference specifier (. and ~) as :type: option
  • #​9894: linkcheck: add option linkcheck_exclude_documents to disable link checking in matched documents.
  • #​9793: sphinx-build: Allow to use the parallel build feature in macOS on macOS and Python3.8+
  • #​10055: sphinx-build: Create directories when -w option given
  • #​9993: std domain: Allow to refer an inline target (ex. ``_target name```) via :rst:role:ref` role
  • #​9981: std domain: Strip value part of the option directive from general index
  • #​9391: texinfo: improve variable in samp role
  • #​9578: texinfo: Add :confval:texinfo_cross_references to disable cross references for readability with standalone readers
  • #​9822 (and #​9062), add new Intersphinx role :rst:role:external for explict lookup in the external projects, without resolving to the local project.

Bugs fixed

  • #​9866: autodoc: doccomment for the imported class was ignored
  • #​9883: autodoc: doccomment for the alias to mocked object was ignored
  • #​9908: autodoc: debug message is shown on building document using NewTypes with Python 3.10
  • #​9968: autodoc: instance variables are not shown if init method has position-only-arguments
  • #​9194: autodoc: types under the "typing" module are not hyperlinked
  • #​10009: autodoc: Crashes if target object raises an error on getting docstring
  • #​10058: autosummary: Imported members are not shown when autodoc_class_signature = 'separated'
  • #​9947: i18n: topic directive having a bullet list can't be translatable
  • #​9878: mathjax: MathJax configuration is placed after loading MathJax itself
  • #​9932: napoleon: empty "returns" section is generated even if no description
  • #​9857: Generated RFC links use outdated base url
  • #​9909: HTML, prevent line-wrapping in literal text.
  • #​10061: html theme: Configuration values added by themes are not be able to override from conf.py
  • #​10073: imgconverter: Unnecessary availablity check is called for "data" URIs
  • #​9925: LaTeX: prohibit also with 'xelatex' line splitting at dashes of inline and parsed literals
  • #​9944: LaTeX: extra vertical whitespace for some nested declarations
  • #​9940: LaTeX: Multi-function declaration in Python domain has cramped vertical spacing in latexpdf output
  • #​10015: py domain: types under the "typing" module are not hyperlinked defined at info-field-list
  • #​9390: texinfo: Do not emit labels inside footnotes
  • #​9413: xml: Invalid XML was generated when cross referencing python objects
  • #​9979: Error level messages were displayed as warning messages
  • #​10057: Failed to scan documents if the project is placed onto the root directory
  • #​9636: code-block: :dedent: without argument did strip newlines


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