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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
Babel (source) patch ==2.10.2 -> ==2.10.3
PyPDF2 (source, changelog) minor ==2.2.0 -> ==2.3.1
certifi minor ==2022.5.18.1 -> ==2022.6.15
charset-normalizer minor ==2.0.12 -> ==2.1.0
docutils minor <0.18, >=0.14 -> <0.19, >=0.18

Release Notes



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This is a bugfix release for Babel 2.10.2, which was mistakenly packaged with outdated locale data.

Thanks to Michał Górny for pointing this out and Jun Omae for verifying.

This and future Babel PyPI packages will be built by a more automated process, which should make problems like this less likely to occur.



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BUG: Forgot to add the interal _codecs subpackage.


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The highlight of this release is improved support for file encryption (AES-128 and AES-256, R5 only). See #​749 for the amazing work of @​exiledkingcc 🎊 Thank you 🤗

Deprecations (DEP):

  • Rename names to be PEP8-compliant (#​967)
  • PdfWriter.get_page: the pageNumber parameter is renamed to page_number
  • PyPDF2.filters:
    • For all classes, a parameter rename: decodeParms ➔ decode_parms
    • decodeStreamData ➔ decode_stream_data
  • PyPDF2.xmp:
    • XmpInformation.rdfRoot ➔ XmpInformation.rdf_root
    • XmpInformation.xmp_createDate ➔ XmpInformation.xmp_create_date
    • XmpInformation.xmp_creatorTool ➔ XmpInformation.xmp_creator_tool
    • XmpInformation.xmp_metadataDate ➔ XmpInformation.xmp_metadata_date
    • XmpInformation.xmp_modifyDate ➔ XmpInformation.xmp_modify_date
    • XmpInformation.xmpMetadata ➔ XmpInformation.xmp_metadata
    • XmpInformation.xmpmm_documentId ➔ XmpInformation.xmpmm_document_id
    • XmpInformation.xmpmm_instanceId ➔ XmpInformation.xmpmm_instance_id
  • PyPDF2.generic:
    • readHexStringFromStream ➔ read_hex_string_from_stream
    • initializeFromDictionary ➔ initialize_from_dictionary
    • createStringObject ➔ create_string_object
    • TreeObject.hasChildren ➔ TreeObject.has_children
    • TreeObject.emptyTree ➔ TreeObject.empty_tree

New Features (ENH):

  • Add decrypt support for V5 and AES-128, AES-256 (R5 only) (#​749)

Robustness (ROB):

  • Fix corrupted (wrongly) linear PDF (#​1008)

Maintenance (MAINT):

  • Move PDF_Samples folder into ressources
  • Fix typos (#​1007)

Testing (TST):

  • Improve encryption/decryption test (#​1009)
  • Add merger test cases with real PDFs (#​1006)
  • Add mutmut config

Code Style (STY):

  • Put pure data mappings in separate files (#​1005)
  • Make encryption module private, apply pre-commit (#​1010)

Full Changelog: https://github.com/py-pdf/PyPDF2/compare/2.2.1...2.3.0


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Performance Improvements (PI):

Robustness (ROB):

  • utf-16-be' codec can't decode (...) (#​995)

Documentation (DOC):

  • Remove reference to Scripts (#​987)

Developer Experience (DEV):

  • Fix type annotations for add_bookmarks (#​1000)

Testing (TST):

  • Add test for PdfMerger (#​1001)
  • Add tests for XMP information (#​996)
  • reader.get_fields / zlib issue / LZW decode issue (#​1004)
  • reader.get_fields with report generation (#​1002)
  • Improve test coverage by extracting texts (#​998)

Code Style (STY):

  • Apply fixes suggested by pylint (#​999)

Full Changelog: https://github.com/py-pdf/PyPDF2/compare/2.2.0...2.2.1



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  • Output the Unicode table version when running the CLI with --version (MR #​194)
  • Workaround potential bug in cpython with Zero Width No-Break Space located in Arabic Presentation Forms-B, Unicode 1.1 not acknowledged as space (MR #​175)
  • CLI default threshold aligned with the API threshold from @​oleksandr-kuzmenko (MR #​181)
  • Support for Python 3.5 (MR #​192)
  • Use of backport unicodedata from unicodedata2 as Python is quickly catching up, scheduled for removal in 3.0 (MR #​194)


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