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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
Pillow (source, changelog) minor ==9.1.1 -> ==9.2.0
PyPDF2 (source, changelog) patch <=2.4.1 -> <=2.4.2
cffi patch ==1.15.0 -> ==1.15.1
docutils minor <0.19, <0.18, >=0.14 -> <0.19, <0.19, >=0.18
lxml (source, changelog) patch ==4.9.0 -> ==4.9.1

Release Notes



Compare Source

  • Deprecate ImageFont.getsize and related functions #​6381 [nulano, radarhere]

  • Fixed null check for fribidi_version_info in FriBiDi shim #​6376 [nulano]

  • Added GIF decompression bomb check #​6402 [radarhere]

  • Handle PCF fonts files with less than 256 characters #​6386 [dawidcrivelli, radarhere]

  • Improved GIF optimize condition #​6378 [raygard, radarhere]

  • Reverted to array_interface with the release of NumPy 1.23 #​6394 [radarhere]

  • Pad PCX palette to 768 bytes when saving #​6391 [radarhere]

  • Fixed bug with rounding pixels to palette colors #​6377 [btrekkie, radarhere]

  • Use gnome-screenshot on Linux if available #​6361 [radarhere, nulano]

  • Fixed loading L mode BMP RLE8 images #​6384 [radarhere]

  • Fixed incorrect operator in ImageCms error #​6370 [LostBenjamin, hugovk, radarhere]

  • Limit FPX tile size to avoid extending outside image #​6368 [radarhere]

  • Added support for decoding plain PPM formats #​5242 [Piolie, radarhere]

  • Added apply_transparency() #​6352 [radarhere]

  • Fixed behaviour change from endian fix #​6197 [radarhere]

  • Allow remapping P images with RGBA palettes #​6350 [radarhere]

  • Fixed drawing translucent 1px high polygons #​6278 [radarhere]

  • Pad COLORMAP to 768 items when saving TIFF #​6232 [radarhere]

  • Fix P -> PA conversion #​6337 [RedShy, radarhere]

  • Once exif data is parsed, do not reload unless it changes #​6335 [radarhere]

  • Only try to connect discontiguous corners at the end of edges #​6303 [radarhere]

  • Improve transparency handling when saving GIF images #​6176 [radarhere]

  • Do not update GIF frame position until local image is found #​6219 [radarhere]

  • Netscape GIF extension belongs after the global color table #​6211 [radarhere]

  • Only write GIF comments at the beginning of the file #​6300 [raygard, radarhere]

  • Separate multiple GIF comment blocks with newlines #​6294 [raygard, radarhere]

  • Always use GIF89a for comments #​6292 [raygard, radarhere]

  • Ignore compression value from BMP info dictionary when saving as TIFF #​6231 [radarhere]

  • If font is file-like object, do not re-read from object to get variant #​6234 [radarhere]

  • Raise ValueError when trying to access internal fp after close #​6213 [radarhere]

  • Support more affine expression forms in im.point() #​6254 [benrg, radarhere]

  • Populate Python palette in fromarray() #​6283 [radarhere]

  • Raise ValueError if PNG chunks are truncated #​6253 [radarhere]

  • Use durations from each frame by default when saving GIFs #​6265 [radarhere]

  • Adjust BITSPERSAMPLE to match SAMPLESPERPIXEL when opening TIFFs #​6270 [radarhere]

  • Search pkgconf system libs/cflags #​6138 [jameshilliard, radarhere]

  • Raise ValueError for invalid PPM maxval #​6242 [radarhere]

  • Corrected screencapture argument in ImageGrab.grab() #​6244 [axt-one]

  • Deprecate support for Qt 5 (PyQt5 and PySide2) #​6237 [hugovk, radarhere]

  • Increase wait time of temporary file deletion on Windows #​6224 [AlexTedeschi]

  • Deprecate FreeTypeFont.getmask2 fill parameter #​6220 [nulano, radarhere, hugovk]

  • Round lut values where necessary #​6188 [radarhere]

  • Load before getting size in resize() #​6190 [radarhere]

  • Load image before performing size calculations in thumbnail() #​6186 [radarhere]

  • Deprecated PhotoImage.paste() box parameter #​6178 [radarhere]



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New Features (ENH)
  • Add PdfReader.xfa attribute (#​1026)
Bug Fixes (BUG)
  • Wrong page inserted when PdfMerger.merge is done (#​1063)
  • Resolve IndirectObject when it refers to a free entry (#​1054)
Developer Experience (DEV)
Maintenance (MAINT)
  • Remove PyPDF2._utils.bytes_type (#​1053)
Testing (TST)
Code Style (STY)

Full Changelog: https://github.com/py-pdf/PyPDF2/compare/2.4.1...2.4.2



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Bugs fixed

  • A crash was resolved when using iterwalk() (or canonicalize()) after parsing certain incorrect input. Note that iterwalk() can crash on valid input parsed with the same parser after failing to parse the incorrect input.


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