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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
PyPDF2 (source, changelog) minor <=2.4.2 -> <=2.5.0
reportlab patch ==3.6.10 -> ==3.6.11

Release Notes



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New Features (ENH)
  • Add support for indexed color spaces / BitsPerComponent for decoding PNGs (#​1067)
  • Add PageObject._get_fonts (#​1083)
Performance Improvements (PI)
  • Use iterative DFS in PdfWriter._sweep_indirect_references (#​1072)
Bug Fixes (BUG)
  • Let Page.scale also scale the crop-/trim-/bleed-/artbox (#​1066)
  • Column default for CCITTFaxDecode (#​1079)
Robustness (ROB)
  • Guard against None-value in _get_outlines (#​1060)
Documentation (DOC)
  • Stamps and watermarks (#​1082)
  • OCR vs PDF text extraction (#​1081)
  • Python Version support
  • Formatting of CHANGELOG
Developer Experience (DEV)
Maintenance (MAINT)
Testing (TST)
Code Style (STY)
  • Apply black
  • Typo in Changelog

Full Changelog: https://github.com/py-pdf/PyPDF2/compare/2.4.2...2.4.3


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