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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
PyPDF2 (source, changelog) patch <=2.10.4 -> <=2.10.5
psutil patch ==5.9.1 -> ==5.9.2

Release Notes



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New Features (ENH)
Bug Fixes (BUG)
  • Avoid scaling cropbox twice (#​1314)
Robustness (ROB)
  • Fix offset correction in revised PDF (#​1318)
  • Crop data of /U and /O in encryption dictionary to 48 bytes (#​1317)
  • MultiLine bfrange in cmap (#​1299)
  • Cope with 2 digit codes in bfchar (#​1310)
  • Accept '/annn' charset as ASCII code (#​1316)
  • Log errors during Float / NumberObject initialization (#​1315)
  • Cope with corrupted entries in xref table (#​1300)
Documentation (DOC)
  • Migration guide (PyPDF2 1.x ➔ 2.x) (#​1324)
  • Creating a coverage report (#​1319)
  • Fix AnnotationBuilder.free_text example (#​1311)
  • Fix usage of page.scale by replacing it with page.scale_by (#​1313)
Maintenance (MAINT)
  • PdfReaderProtocol (#​1303)
  • Throw PdfReadError if Trailer can't be read (#​1298)
  • Remove catching OverflowException (#​1302)

Full Changelog: https://github.com/py-pdf/PyPDF2/compare/2.10.4...2.10.5



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Bug fixes

  • 2093_, [FreeBSD], [critical]: pids()_ may fail with ENOMEM. Dynamically increase the malloc() buffer size until it's big enough.
  • 2095_, [Linux]: net_if_stats()_ returns incorrect interface speed for 100GbE network cards.
  • 2113_, [FreeBSD], [critical]: virtual_memory()_ may raise ENOMEM due to missing #include <sys/param.h> directive. (patch by Peter Jeremy)
  • 2128_, [NetBSD]: swap_memory()_ was miscalculated. (patch by Thomas Klausner)


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