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Update dependency requests to v2.28.1

renovate requested to merge renovate/requests-2.x into development

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
requests (source, changelog) minor ==2.25.1 -> ==2.28.1

Release Notes



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  • Speed optimization in iter_content with transition to yield from. (#​6170)


  • Added support for chardet 5.0.0 (#​6179)
  • Added support for charset-normalizer 2.1.0 (#​6169)


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  • ️ Requests has officially dropped support for Python 2.7. ️ (#​6091)
  • Requests has officially dropped support for Python 3.6 (including pypy3.6). (#​6091)


  • Wrap JSON parsing issues in Request's JSONDecodeError for payloads without an encoding to make json() API consistent. (#​6097)
  • Parse header components consistently, raising an InvalidHeader error in all invalid cases. (#​6154)
  • Added provisional 3.11 support with current beta build. (#​6155)
  • Requests got a makeover and we decided to paint it black. (#​6095)


  • Fixed bug where setting CURL_CA_BUNDLE to an empty string would disable cert verification. All Requests 2.x versions before 2.28.0 are affected. (#​6074)
  • Fixed urllib3 exception leak, wrapping urllib3.exceptions.SSLError with requests.exceptions.SSLError for content and iter_content. (#​6057)
  • Fixed issue where invalid Windows registry entires caused proxy resolution to raise an exception rather than ignoring the entry. (#​6149)
  • Fixed issue where entire payload could be included in the error message for JSONDecodeError. (#​6036)


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  • Fixed parsing issue that resulted in the auth component being dropped from proxy URLs. (#​6028)


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  • Officially added support for Python 3.10. (#​5928)

  • Added a requests.exceptions.JSONDecodeError to unify JSON exceptions between Python 2 and 3. This gets raised in the response.json() method, and is backwards compatible as it inherits from previously thrown exceptions. Can be caught from requests.exceptions.RequestException as well. (#​5856)

  • Improved error text for misnamed InvalidSchema and MissingSchema exceptions. This is a temporary fix until exceptions can be renamed (Schema->Scheme). (#​6017)

  • Improved proxy parsing for proxy URLs missing a scheme. This will address recent changes to urlparse in Python 3.9+. (#​5917)


  • Fixed defect in extract_zipped_paths which could result in an infinite loop for some paths. (#​5851)

  • Fixed handling for AttributeError when calculating length of files obtained by Tarfile.extractfile(). (#​5239)

  • Fixed urllib3 exception leak, wrapping urllib3.exceptions.InvalidHeader with requests.exceptions.InvalidHeader. (#​5914)

  • Fixed bug where two Host headers were sent for chunked requests. (#​5391)

  • Fixed regression in Requests 2.26.0 where Proxy-Authorization was incorrectly stripped from all requests sent with Session.send. (#​5924)

  • Fixed performance regression in 2.26.0 for hosts with a large number of proxies available in the environment. (#​5924)

  • Fixed idna exception leak, wrapping UnicodeError with requests.exceptions.InvalidURL for URLs with a leading dot (.) in the domain. (#​5414)


  • Requests support for Python 2.7 and 3.6 will be ending in 2022. While we don't have exact dates, Requests 2.27.x is likely to be the last release series providing support.


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  • Requests now supports Brotli compression, if either the brotli or brotlicffi package is installed. (#​5783)

  • Session.send now correctly resolves proxy configurations from both the Session and Request. Behavior now matches Session.request. (#​5681)


  • Fixed a race condition in zip extraction when using Requests in parallel from zip archive. (#​5707)


  • Instead of chardet, use the MIT-licensed charset_normalizer for Python3 to remove license ambiguity for projects bundling requests. If chardet is already installed on your machine it will be used instead of charset_normalizer to keep backwards compatibility. (#​5797)

    You can also install chardet while installing requests by specifying [use_chardet_on_py3] extra as follows:

    pip install "requests[use_chardet_on_py3]"

    Python2 still depends upon the chardet module.

  • Requests now supports idna 3.x on Python 3. idna 2.x will continue to be used on Python 2 installations. (#​5711)


  • The requests[security] extra has been converted to a no-op install. PyOpenSSL is no longer the recommended secure option for Requests. (#​5867)

  • Requests has officially dropped support for Python 3.5. (#​5867)


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