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Update dependency decorator to v5

renovate requested to merge renovate/decorator-5.x into development

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
decorator major ==4.4.2 -> ==5.1.1

Release Notes



Sangwoo Shim contributed a fix so that cythonized functions can be decorated. Brian McFee pointed out an issue in the decorator_apply example and Wim Glenn pointed out that the "fix" in version 5.1 broke decorator.contextmanager even more. Both issues are now solved.


Added a function decoratorx using the FunctionMaker and thus preserving the signature of __code__ objects. Then fixed three small bugs:

  • Sphinx was printing a few warnings when building the documentation, as signaled by Tomasz Kłoczko
  • functions decorated with decorator.contextmanager were one-shot, as discovered by Alex Pizarro.
  • decorator.decorator was not passing the kwsyntax argument.


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Fixed a test breaking PyPy. Restored support for Sphinx.


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Made the decorator module more robust when decorating builtin functions lacking dunder attributes, like dict.__setitem__.


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The decorator module was not passing correctly the defaults inside the *args tuple, thanks to Dan Shult for the fix. Also fixed some misspellings in the documentation and integrated codespell in the CI, thanks to Christian Clauss.


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The decorator module was not copying the module attribute anymore. Thanks to Nikolay Markov for the notice.


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Dropped support for Python < 3.5 with a substantial simplification of the code base (now building a decorator does not require calling "exec"). Added a way to mimic functools.wraps-generated decorators. Ported the Continuous Integration from Travis to GitHub.


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