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Update dependency qrcode to v7

renovate requested to merge renovate/qrcode-7.x into development

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
qrcode major ==6.1 -> ==7.3.1

Release Notes



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  • Improvements for embedded image.


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  • Improvements for embedded image.


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  • Add Styled PIL image factory, allowing different color masks and shapes in QR codes

  • Small performance inprovement

  • Add check for border size parameter


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  • Add --ascii parameter to command line interface allowing to output ascii when stdout is piped

  • Add --output parameter to command line interface to specify output file

  • Accept RGB tuples in fill_color and back_color

  • Add to_string method to SVG images

  • Replace inline styles with SVG attributes to avoid CSP issues

  • Add Python3.10 to supported versions


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  • Drop Python < 3.6 support.


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