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Configure Renovate

Welcome to Renovate! This is an onboarding MR to help you understand and configure settings before regular Merge Requests begin.

🚦 To activate Renovate, merge this Merge Request. To disable Renovate, simply close this Merge Request unmerged.

Detected Package Files

  • tests/ironbank/docker-compose.yaml (docker-compose)
  • tests/upstream/docker-compose.yaml (docker-compose)
  • Dockerfile (dockerfile)
  • hardening_manifest.yaml (ironbank)

What to Expect

With your current configuration, Renovate will create 3 Merge Requests:

Update dependency wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdf to v0.12.6
  • Schedule: ["at any time"]
  • Branch name: renovate/wkhtmltopdf-wkhtmltopdf-0.x
  • Merge into: development
  • Upgrade wkhtmltopdf/wkhtmltopdf to 0.12.6
Update postgres Docker tag to v16
  • Schedule: ["at any time"]
  • Branch name: renovate/postgres-16.x
  • Merge into: development
  • Upgrade postgres to 16
Update registry1.dso.mil/ironbank/opensource/debian/debian Docker tag to v12

🚸 Branch creation will be limited to maximum 2 per hour, so it doesn't swamp any CI resources or overwhelm the project. See docs for prhourlylimit for details.

Got questions? Check out Renovate's Docs, particularly the Getting Started section. If you need any further assistance then you can also request help here.

This MR has been generated by Renovate Bot.

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