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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
azure-storage-blob (source) minor ==12.17.0 -> ==12.18.1
boto3 patch ==1.28.44 -> ==1.28.50
public.ecr.aws/rapidfort/vulns-db ironbank-docker patch 1.1.33-rfhardened -> 1.1.34-rfhardened
public.ecr.aws/rapidfort/vulns-db patch 1.1.33-rfhardened -> 1.1.34-rfhardened
public.ecr.aws/rapidfort/vulns-db stage patch 1.1.33-rfhardened -> 1.1.34-rfhardened

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Release Notes



12.18.1 (2023-09-13)

Bugs Fixed
  • Fixed breaking KeyError: 'sdk_moniker' in create_configuration. NOTE: This is not an exported method and therefore should not be imported/called directly.


12.18.0 (2023-09-12)

Features Added
  • Stable release of features from 12.18.0b1


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  • api-change:discovery: [botocore] Add sensitive protection for customer information
  • api-change:macie2: [botocore] This release changes the default managedDataIdentifierSelector setting for new classification jobs to RECOMMENDED. By default, new classification jobs now use the recommended set of managed data identifiers.
  • api-change:workmail: [botocore] This release includes four new APIs UpdateUser, UpdateGroup, ListGroupsForEntity and DescribeEntity, along with RemoteUsers and some enhancements to existing APIs.


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  • api-change:appstream: [botocore] This release introduces app block builder, allowing customers to provision a resource to package applications into an app block
  • api-change:connect: [botocore] New rule type (OnMetricDataUpdate) has been added
  • api-change:datasync: [botocore] Documentation-only updates for AWS DataSync.
  • api-change:sagemaker: [botocore] This release introduces Skip Model Validation for Model Packages


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  • api-change:appstream: [botocore] This release introduces multi-session fleets, allowing customers to provision more than one user session on a single fleet instance.
  • api-change:cloudformation: [botocore] Documentation updates for AWS CloudFormation
  • api-change:entityresolution: [botocore] Changed "ResolutionTechniques" and "MappedInputFields" in workflow and schema mapping operations to be required fields.
  • api-change:lookoutequipment: [botocore] This release adds APIs for the new scheduled retraining feature.


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  • api-change:cloud9: [botocore] Update to include information on Ubuntu 18 deprecation.
  • api-change:drs: [botocore] Updated existing APIs and added new ones to support using AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery post-launch actions. Added support for new regions.
  • api-change:firehose: [botocore] DocumentIdOptions has been added for the Amazon OpenSearch destination.
  • api-change:guardduty: [botocore] Add managementType field to ListCoverage API response.
  • api-change:internetmonitor: [botocore] This release updates the Amazon CloudWatch Internet Monitor API domain name.
  • api-change:ivs-realtime: [botocore] Doc only update that changes description for ParticipantToken.
  • api-change:simspaceweaver: [botocore] Edited the introductory text for the API reference.
  • api-change:xray: [botocore] Add StartTime field in GetTraceSummaries API response for each TraceSummary.


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  • api-change:ec2: [botocore] This release adds support for restricting public sharing of AMIs through AMI Block Public Access
  • api-change:events: [botocore] Update events client to latest version
  • api-change:kendra: [botocore] Amazon Kendra now supports confidence score buckets for retrieved passage results using the Retrieve API.


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  • api-change:ecr: [botocore] This release will have ValidationException be thrown from ECR LifecyclePolicy APIs in regions LifecyclePolicy is not supported, this includes existing Amazon Dedicated Cloud (ADC) regions. This release will also change Tag: TagValue and Tag: TagKey to required.
  • api-change:medialive: [botocore] AWS Elemental Link now supports attaching a Link UHD device to a MediaConnect flow.
  • api-change:quicksight: [botocore] This release launches new updates to QuickSight KPI visuals - support for sparklines, new templated layout and new targets for conditional formatting rules.


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