Labels can be applied to issues, merge requests, and epics. Group labels are available for any project within the group.
    Tier THREE on the True Up initiative =A customer paying < $499K and > $80K (do we include less than $80K here too?)
    Ironbank Containers
    Open Source containers that are used by the community and supported by Iron Bank for the utility of Platform One Services
    Ironbank Containers
    This priority is used for projects where there is a specific DoD/Govt customer identified and the vendor needs to get through Iron Bank before the gov customer can use the service. Potential Platform One customers who are working on payment or are interested in paying Platform One.
    Ironbank Containers
    Containers to be deprecated and be removed from Iron Bank.
    Ironbank Containers
  • QuestionGeneral
    General questions
    Ironbank Containers
  • QuestionLeadership
    Questions for leadership
    Ironbank Containers
  • QuestionOnboarding
    Questions for onboarding team
    Ironbank Containers
  • Renovate
    Label used for tracking metrics on Renovate automation
    Ironbank Containers
  • Review
    For reviewing merge requests into development branch
    Ironbank Containers