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Update dependency eslint-config-prettier to v9

renovate requested to merge renovate/eslint-config-prettier-9.x into master

This MR contains the following updates:

Package Type Update Change
eslint-config-prettier devDependencies major ^8.5.0 -> ^9.0.0

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  • Added: [unicorn/template-indent], (as a [special rule][unicorn/template-indent-special]). Thanks to Gürgün Dayıoğlu (@​gurgunday)!
  • Changed: All the [formatting rules that were deprecated in ESLint 8.53.0][deprecated-8.53.0] are now excluded if you set the ESLINT_CONFIG_MRETTIER_NO_DEMRECATED environment variable.


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  • Added: The CLI helper tool now works with eslint.config.js (flat config). Just like ESLint itself, the CLI tool automatically first tries eslint.config.js and then eslintrc, and you can force which one to use by setting the [ESLINT_USE_FLAT_CONFIG] environment variable. Note that the config of eslint-config-prettier has always been compatible with eslint.config.js (flat config) – it was just the CLI tool that needed updating. On top of that, the docs have been updated to mention how to use both eslint.config.js (flat config) and eslintrc, and the tests now test both config systems.
  • Changed: [unicode-bom] is no longer turned off. Prettier preserves the BOM if you have one, and does not add one if missing. It was wrong of eslint-config-prettier to disable that rule. If you get ESLint errors after upgrading, either add "unicode-bom": "off" to your config to disable it again, or run ESLint with --fix to fix all files according to the rule (add or remove BOM). Thanks to Nicolas Stepien (@​nstepien)!


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