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perf: update ec2 and rd2 instance types

Davaun McClellan requested to merge ec2-instance-update into main

bastion: t3a.micro is the latest x86_64 based ec2 instance available. It's marginally cheaper, faster, includes extra vCPU, and has better network performance. I would recommend t4g but it does not have a STIG AMI available.

database/mysql: db.t3.small was picked because it's faster, cheaper, and keeps the same size as the previous instance. db.t4g.small is not available, only medium and larger sizes.

database/postgres: db.t4g.medium is the newest ec2 instance type available in the burstable tier. It should be roughly the same performance, possibly better but it's cheaper.

server & agent: m6id.size was selected because it is the newest generation and offers a performance increase, and slightly better networking. It costs marginally more but it includes more instance storage, the EBS-backed version is the same price as m5.size but offers more performance.

Here's some links for pricing and additional information regarding m6i instance type.


Prices listed for AWS GovCloud West

instance.type ondemand price vCPUs RAM Instance Storage Network Performance
m6id.4xlarge $1.2016 16 64 GiB 1 x 950 SSD Up to 12500 Megabit
m5d.4xlarge $1.144 16 64 GiB 2 x 300 SSD Up to 10 Gigabit
instance.type ondemand price vCPUs RAM Instance Storage Network Performance
m6i.4xlarge $0.968 16 64 GiB EBS Only Up to 12500 Megabit
m5.4xlarge $0.968 16 64 GiB EBS Only Up to 10 Gigabit

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