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Neuvector: Add basic CI testing

Jordan Olachea requested to merge 19-CICD-additions into main


  • Adds a manager.env.fips option which modifies Java options to run the manager on FIPS enabled hosts without error
  • Adds basic tests:
    • Before each test load the UI and login
    • Test the main dashboard, simple validation of existence of several panels
    • Check the System Component page, validate each system component shows healthy/connected
    • Run a scan on a single image from the containers page, validate it finishes

Review the video for a speedrun of the test - https://repo1.dso.mil/platform-one/big-bang/apps/sandbox/neuvector/-/jobs/15543351/artifacts/file/cypress-artifacts/videos/neuvector-health.spec.js.mp4

Closes #19 (closed)

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