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Update dependency https://repo1.dso.mil/big-bang/bigbang.git to v2.8.0

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This MR contains the following updates:

Package Update Change
https://repo1.dso.mil/big-bang/bigbang.git minor 2.5.0 -> 2.8.0

Release Notes



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  • !2971: Grafana chart indentation 6 -> 4

  • !2950: velero update to 4.0.3-bb.0

  • !2973: gitlab update to 7.2.0-bb.0

  • !2974: authservice update to 0.5.3-bb.12

  • !2936: argocd update to 5.39.0-bb.0

  • !2964: neuvector update to 2.4.5-bb.2

  • !2966: loki update to 5.9.2-bb.0

  • !2975: promtail update to 6.13.1-bb.0

  • !2930: Re-add IB key to Kyverno Policies test-values

  • !2963: kyvernoPolicies update to 1.1.0-bb.9

  • !2972: istio & operator update to 1.18.2-bb.0

  • !2938: Add 'comments' field to schema

  • !2957: fix for ca-secret creation logic

  • !2955: harbor update to 1.12.2-bb.7

  • !2958: anchore update to 1.26.1-bb.0

  • !2977: gitlab update to 7.2.2-bb.0

  • !2961: Fixing conditional for grafana extraSecretMounts


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Release Notes - 2.7.1

Please see our documentation page for more information on how to consume and deploy BigBang.

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  • Update to image version 7.10.5, Please upgrade as soon as possible.

Other upgrade notices from 2.7.0 are linked here for your convenience. To view the full list of changes make sure to check the 2.7.0 release notes page.

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